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When is my CDC January design due for today?

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CDC Badge by Stormful
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June 9 by Pikaronii
June 10-11-12
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June 13-14-15
June 15th Monster: Nyan by GigaB00ts
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June 19-20-21
June 21st  the face by LudaChriscvk218
June - 22-23-24
June 24 - Marvelous Mechanical Tiki Man by EVanimations
June 25-26-27
June 27 by Pikaronii
June 28-29-30
June 30th (Neve pose Sheet) by WonderfulWiz

header drawn by our man, Burdrehnar !


free Bullet : yellow star by pastel-paintbrushy INFO & RULES free Bullet : yellow star by pastel-paintbrushy 

free Bullet : yellow star by pastel-paintbrushy KIKI'S LIST + ODYSSIA'S WATCH free Bullet : yellow star by pastel-paintbrushy 

June CDC: Just Draw is here! This will be the journal to check for updates and specific prompts to be released!  

✦    ✦    ✦    ✦

The specific date challenges are here! Don't worry, they are ALL optional. This time however... we'll have two DIFFERENT prompts per DAY! One for new designs, and one for old! Again, you can either use them, or ignore and do your own thing for that day.
We will slowly reveal each as the month goes by. Until then.. what could they be? ooOOo! The suspense and mystery!!

Remember, the deadline you have to submit your design is  (12:00 AM EST) Eastern Standard Time, and there is a timer on the front page in case you need help timing yourself!

✦    ✦    ✦    ✦


◢ June 4th ◣
New Design: Create a character based around clothing! Anything from living clothes to just a person who's obsessed with clothing. Anything with clothing as a focus is fine!

Old Design: Does your character have any outfits besides their trademark clothing? Draw them in one or more of them so we can see their incredible (or terrible) fashion sense!

◢ June 5th ◣
New Design: Go to Wikipedia and hit the random button until something sparks your interest, and design a character around it. Be sure to let everyone know what your cool inspiration was in the description!

Old Design: When your character talks, what’s their body language like? Do they gesticulate, talk with their hands, have defensive posture, get in other people’s faces…show how they move during conversation!

◢ June 6th ◣
New Design: It's hot. It's getting REAL hot. Design an oc who's... MEGA HOT (interpret hot how you'd like! )

Old Design: How does your oc react to a boiling hot summer day?

◢ June 7th ◣
New Design: Create an oc with a unique or bizarre body shape. Play with some weird shapes!

Old Design: Draw your oc in a different body style/shape/design that they originally had.

◢ June 8th ◣
New Design: Create a character that's an absolute workaholic. Works non-stop!

Old Design: What does your oc do on their day off? Do they relax at home? Do chores? Get out of the house?

◢ June 9th ◣
New Design: Create a character based on a disease or sickness.

Old Design: Oh no! Your character has caught a cold. How do they spend their sick days? How do they react? Can they even get sick?!

◢ June 10th ◣
New Design: Create a character from the past who's been brought into the future! Are they lost? Are they at home?

Old Design: One key moment in your character's past timeline has changed... Would your character look or act any differently in the new present timeline?

◢ June 11th ◣
New Design: Pick anyone else's characters submitted to CDC this month and redesign them! This is not to redraw them as fanart, but to actually alter their design.

Old Design: Draw one of your characters interacting with a character submitted to CDC this month by someone else. Would they get along? Would they hate each other? Would they fight? Have fun!

◢ June 12th ◣
New Design: Design a super hero!

Old Design: What would happen if one of your older ocs were given SUPER POWERS? (if they already didn't have any)

◢ June 13th ◣
New Design:  Design a SUPER VILLAIN!!

Old Design:  What if one of your most innocent, perfect, heroic ocs turned EVIL? How would they look? What would they do?

◢ June 14th ◣
New Design: LOOK TO THE HEAVENS, because it's time to design a GOD! What are they god of? What do they do?

Old Design: Redesign one of your ocs as if they just became a GOD!

◢ June 15th ◣
New Design: Design a character based on a food! Are they spicy? Sweat? STICKY?

Old Design: Draw your oc hanging out and having their favorite snack! Or maybe they don't snack, and only like to have a bIG MEAAAL

◢ June 16th ◣
New Design: Design a character based on an environment.

Old Design: What your oc's favorite place to visit? The beach? The mall? A GRAVEYARD??

◢ June 17th ◣
New Design: Design a character based on an animal.

Old Design: Give your oc a pet. What type of animal would they get along with, or maybe not get along with?

◢ June 18th ◣
New Design: Fusion Time. Design a new oc by combining two old designs.

Old Design: What would the offspring of your oc's look like? Heck, they both could be the same gender if you'd like.

◢ June 19th ◣
New Design: Have a relaxing day! Make an easy simple design that doesn't take long!

Old Design: Draw a old OC relaxing!

◢ June 20th ◣
New Design: Draw a future robot! Something mechanical, or something that looks like it came from a future setting.

Old Design: One of your old OC's is not in the future! Do they look any different?

◢ June 21st ◣
New Design: Make a design that would fit into a video game!

Old Design: What kind of video game would one of your old OCs be in? Draw what they would look like in it!

◢ June 22nd ◣
New Design: Draw a character based on a certain  cartoon style rubberhose ect

Old Design: draw one of your old ocs in a different style, eg if you have a realistically draw them more cartoony or vice a versa

◢ June 23rd ◣
New Design:  First impressions are everything! make a design that is based off of a strong personality trait!

Old Design: Draw one of your old OCs having a strong emotion

◢ June 24th ◣
New: Draw a warrior/battler character who could fight! Would they be a fast sneaky fighter? or a big tank?

Old: Draw an old oc with battle damage!! They just got out of a fight/battle, what kind of condition would they be in?

◢ June 25th ◣
New Design: ???

Old Design: ???

◢ June 26th ◣
New Design: ???

Old Design: ???

◢ June 27th ◣
New Design: ???

Old Design: ???

◢ June 28th ◣
New Design: ???

Old Design: ???

◢ June 29th ◣
New Design: ???

Old Design: ???

◢ June 30th ◣
New Design: ???

Old Design: ???
(it's a temp banner until friday, lol) (...... just kidding I'm leaving this one up on this journal because it's funny)


free Bullet : yellow star by pastel-paintbrushy INFO & RULES free Bullet : yellow star by pastel-paintbrushy 

free Bullet : yellow star by pastel-paintbrushy KIKI'S LIST + ODYSSIA'S WATCH free Bullet : yellow star by pastel-paintbrushy 

CDC 2017 June is CLOSED for sign ups!

UPDATE: We have capped at 45 instead, and we're currently full!
You have one week to decide if you want to STAY in the challenge. If anyone drops out in the next week, we'll fill up any empty spots with whoever else is waiting for a slot!

Thank you to those who signed up, see you in a week!

ALSO one thing to specify...
Please do not upload an edited WIP of the same deviation and expect it to count as a day's submission. This means, don't submit a design then edit the same deviation and just update the file you already have in your gallery. This will NOT count as a new day's piece.

We have a cap of 40 this time. (for now)
You have until the 31st of this month to decide if you want in!
Name us a vegetable in the comments below to let us know you've read the rules and understand how this group works and you're ready to sign your soul away for the month of January! Don't forget to list what you're betting!

Check Kiki's list for how this month works!

The list will slowly fill up over on the KIKI'S LIST + ODYSSIA'S WATCH journal, so be patient until the 31st!
When you're on the list, we will invite you to the group, so make sure to accept the invite before the 31st.


free Bullet : yellow star by pastel-paintbrushy INFO & RULES free Bullet : yellow star by pastel-paintbrushy 

Welcome to CDC 2017, June!

We are not taking invites right now, (not this journal, that is!) but this is just setting up! This journal is to show everyone what this month will be about.

We will be covering the usual typical rules and regulations that CDC follows here:  INFO & RULES but there will be some add on's and different ones this month, too! (let's just.... summarize it here!)

What will be different this month:

Blue Star by Stormful You can draw any of your ocs this month. Does not have to be new! (but you still can draw new ones, of course!)
Blue Star by Stormful You can use this month as motivation to finish an older design or redesign a current one.
Blue Star by Stormful Characters do NOT have to have been from past CDCs. All are welcome.
Blue Star by Stormful You don't HAVE to redesign an oc, either! Drawing them in a different pose or a ref sheet is perfectly fine.
Blue Star by Stormful Tldr.... just draw your ocs

What still applies:

Exclamation Point pixel by Stormful Designs are STILL due before midnight! You have to submit a design a day.
Exclamation Point pixel by Stormful You can submit as many in advanced as you want. DON'T BE LATE!
Exclamation Point pixel by Stormful If you are late, you WILL be kicked!
Exclamation Point pixel by Stormful Your characters and original designs, only. Adoptables you OWN are ok.
Exclamation Point pixel by Stormful Please do not upload an edited WIP of the same deviation and expect it to count as a day's submission.

If you have any questions, please please ask!! We're at the ready to answer.
The roster journal will be posted later TONIGHT!!

(24) :iconstormful: :iconsnippysnap: (24) | O (30) :iconreapermint: :iconstarmonyii: (24)
(25) :iconvongulli: :iconendangeredcds: (28) | (25) :iconherrdoktoriamgoom: :iconolivertheghostboy: (24)
 X (7) :iconthemeguy: :iconjourneyarcher: (27) | X (4) :icondeamon-corp-arstasia: :iconhazard100: (26)
(24) :iconmoosegutsthethird: :iconfrogtax: (24) | (24) :iconkoeskull: :iconmattieguy95: (28)
(25) :iconflatw00ds: :iconnights2dreams: (30) O | X (18) :iconwolfstarmie: :iconsparkleswords: (24)
(24) :icongigab00ts: :iconthefrigginpizzaman: (24) | (26) :iconvchannel: :icondantonslip: (27)
O (30) :iconburdrehnar: :iconsophiechan24: (24) | (24) :iconnightsi: :iconchaoscomposer: (24)
(24) :icontheflippmeister: :iconcatphantoms: (24) | (24) :iconalyxsandre: :icongerugeon: (26)
(29) :iconspacedham: :iconcranberry-soap: (24) | (25) :iconalcube51: :iconinudoragon23: (24)
(24) :iconspacecaptainorca: :iconthomas-silvergale: (24) | O (30) :iconexcabluir: :iconlulzyrobot: (26)
(24) :icontheendlessblackabyss: :icontoaster-roaster: (30) O | (24) :iconinsane-ukulele: :iconaluterrian: (3) X
(24) :icongenothecreeper: :iconwonderfulwiz: (26) | X (1) :iconroguesteampunker: :iconwynautwarrior: (0) X

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